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Dubai Underwater Hotel

Dubai Underwater Hotel, also known as the Hydropolis is currently under construction and is supposed to be one of the most luxurious hotels of the world. There are three elements of this hotel such as the land station, the connecting tunnel and 220 suites of the hotel. The land station is considered to be the entrance of the hotel, from where all guests will be welcomed. The connecting tunnel transports people to the main part of the hotel while 220 suites of the hotel provide luxurious stay for the residents. This project is said to be one of the most contemporary constructions of this world, which covers an area of 260 areas.

Land station of the hotel provides is the space for all visitors to enter the station. This is in the design of a semi circular cylinder which is designed to make an arch in the form of a multi-storey building. In the lowest level of this hotel, there is an opportunity for the passengers to board the train which is propelled by an automated cable in a modular steel guideway to the hydropolis. There is a variety of facilities in the station which includes cosmetic surgery clinic, a biological research laboratory and also conference facilities for suitability for business class. There are staff rooms also, which includes storage and loading areas along with hotel parking spaces. There is high tech cinema for screening facilities.

All the suites of the hotel are bubble shaped and lie beautifully on the shores of Persian Gulf, making it luxurious and very elegant. Every kind of amenity is present in the rooms, which make the hotels luxurious and very comfortable. The hotel has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of rich and elite who will be renting the suites for their stay. There are twin domes in the hotel, which acts as a concert auditorium and also a ballroom. The ball room is the most magnificent part of the hotel, providing one of the most magnificent views of the hotel and shoreline. If you wish to have one of the most memorable weddings of your life and that too underwater this can be your top priority. There is a retractable room of the ballroom which gives the guests an opportunity to enjoy different open air events which excellent panoramic views of the coastline as well as Dubai skyline.

Dubai Underwater Hotel is well looked after in many emergency situations with the help of modern technology and innovative equipment. There are a series of watertight doors which allow management of the hotel to completely seal off the entire sections of the hotel complex, in case there is a sudden rupture. The complex is supposed to have its own system of missile which will safeguard itself in any probable case of terrorist attack.

The construction of the hotel was supposed to be completed in 2009, but due to many factors such as environmental issues and financial gloom across the globe, the completion date of the hotel has been delayed.