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Tours and Safaris in Dubai

Dubai is a city worth admiring for its ability to preserve tradition and worth visiting for the vastness of activities it offers. Because of its desert, this warm city offers numerous desert safaris and tours.

1. Camel Riding – Nothing beats being in the desert than touring it while on top of the desert animal, a camel that is. These animals will welcome you kilometers away from the commercialized area of the city. Tourists need to take a 4x4 vehicle which would take them to the camels. Camel back-riding can last from thirty minutes up to how long you want to be on top of these charming creatures.

2. 4x4 Driving – However, if you enjoy speed and rush more than leisurely riding the camels, you might want to try to drive a 4x4 vehicle. Literally, you can say to someone to eat the dust you will leave behind if he doesn’t ride in your car. You need not worry even if you are not an experienced 4x4 driver. As long as you know how to drive a car, you can take any two of the courses they offer. You may take the beginner’s course or the advance course.

3. Sand Boarding – Since there can be no possible way to bring snow on the Dubai outdoors they’ve devised a new sport for board enthusiasts. They call it sand boarding. The concept is very similar to snow boarding sans the snow, of course. Although you can bring your own board when you go to Dubai, boards can also be rented.

4. Dune Dinner – To let out the romantic side of every tourist, there is Dune Dinner. You need to take a 4x4 ride to get you into the middle of the Dubai desert where you would be far from the city noise and you will be treated in a whole new Dubai experience. You can get an intricate henna tattoo designed on your skin, eat sumptuous Arabian dinner, be entertained by a belly dancer, relax in Bedouin tents or just take a short camel ride while enjoying the sun as it sets.

5. Wadi Hatta – If you want to go nature tripping you should head to the Hajar Mountains where sights of beautiful canyons will take your breath away. Be sure to pack lunch or snack with you because you might want to stop for a while and have a picnic. Extra clothes would also be useful because you might run into a mountain pool which would probably invite you to swim.

6. Overnight Safari – If you think a day is not enough to satisfy your thirst for desert safari, you may want to stay there overnight. This is making the Arabian nights experience possible for every tourist who visits Dubai. Before sleeping in the comfortable sleeping bag, you must first look at the open sky- no roofs, no buildings, just the stars and you. Sharing experiences and stories with the other tourists and the guides while enjoying barbecue would also be worth keeping. Come morning and you would be greeted by an appetizing breakfast before you head back.

There are many Dubai travel deals which including adventure travels, safaris, and various exciting activities in the region.