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The World is a vast and mind boggling project currently being developed in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. It's inspirations came from the Palms, a set of three huge artificial islands that began construction off the coast of Dubai in 2002. The Palms were created primarily to cater to tourists, offering huge shopping malls, theme parks, residential districts available for sale to expatriates and nationals, and luxury hotels. They got their name from the fact that the Palms are designed in the shape of Palm Trees, with the head of each tree forming a breakwater protecting the rest of the island.

Following in the footsteps of the Palms, the Dubai World Islands were created to cater to high end individual buyers and corporations. The world is, in essence, an artificial archipelago of almost 300 islands patterned in the shape of the global map. The sheer scale of this project is astounding, and is estimated to see it's completion by the year 2008. The World project was started by Al Nakheel Properties, the same group that began work on the Palms.

Each individual island within the World is estimated to be anything from 6 to 21 acres in size, depending on the country it is representing on the map. Travel between the islands can only be achieved by boat or aircraft, and enterprising companies have already begun to offer yachts, amphibious planes and helicopters for the transportation of the World's residents.

The island designs fall into four categories based on the housing constructions they hold. There are residential homes on the World, there are luxury estates, the proverbial "dream home" for the ultra-rich, and community islands housing several residences. Most of the islands also hold their own constructed marinas for yachts to facilitate travel between the islands.

The entire length of the World is protected by an immense breakwater stretching nine kilometers across, incidentally forming the top spherical half of the "globe" in it's design. The entire surface of the World is not necessarily spherical, however, but for safety and taking the breakwater into account, is actually shaped like an oval. It's area coverage including water area stretches six kilometers wide and nine across.

It is located some 4 kilometers away from one of the equally-astounding Palms, the Palm Jumeirah, which of the three Dubai Palms was designed to cater the most to tourists, international travelers, and residents that preferred fast, urbanized lifestyles.

There have already been major purchases made by world famous celebrities for some segments of the world, including Rod Stewart, David Beckham, and Micheal Schumacher. Aside from these famous and powerful celebrities, a few multinational corporations have also made discreet purchases of islands in the world for development. In most of these cases these private firms are creating housing projects, and the next year or two will most likely see offers to the general public for individual residences within the community-type islands.

Some of the multinationals are also considering setting up shopping malls, water theme parks, and other recreational centers in the World to cater not only to it's residents, but to tourists and international travelers as well, though until these projects actually see completion this is mere speculation. To date, the entire set up of The World seems geared towards individual residences, while the Palms lean more towards support for Dubai's tourism.