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Tennis in Dubai

A great game in a great country! This is perhaps the best way to describe how it feels like to play tennis in Dubai. Since time immemorial, this sport has been quite popular in the nation. Stadiums and coliseums all over Dubai have witnessed tennis cups of unequalled intensity. Each hit of the racket spelled intense inspiration. Each miss spelled inexplicable devastation.

Once, this game was just an ordinary game in this nation. It was merely played by people of the middle and upper class in order to stay fit and healthy. However, due to its magnificent qualities, the game of tennis soon bloomed into a popular sport. It started to transcend cultural, sexual and religious boundaries through the enjoyment it brings. It also paved way for millions of friendships, business alliances and other endeavors brought about by a single game.

The popularity of tennis can also be attributed to the space it consumes. You see, Dubai is not really a big country in terms of geographical scope. Thus, football fields, polo courses and golf courses can't really be accommodated. Compared to tennis, the previously mentioned sports cover exponentially larger areas. Thus, tennis courts from all over the country were built and people were drawn into them in no time.

As the sport became popular, so did the money that revolved around it. Tennis merchandise began to pop out like wild mushrooms in the Dubai market. It took very little time before businessmen from all over saw the potential income that tennis sported. After that, the rest became history. More and more products, which meant to satisfy players, came. Then, the big names began dropping by. Some of these big names are Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Rafel Nadal and Lindsay Davenport. Add to these a bevy of tennis beauties like Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova and voila! Something great is definitely headed for both Dubai and the game of tennis.

Commercial games were then crafted by those who had the power to do so. In a blink of an eye, people were already hunting for tickets to the most anticipated tennis matches in the world. This also paved way for more marketing moves which consisted of endorsements by tennis player. Thus, the star power of this popular game even shone brighter in Dubai.

As of now, you can see almost anyone in Dubai playing a game of tennis. It is also usual for people to talk about their favorite tennis stars or plan to go to highly anticipated tennis events. Indeed, Dubai has become the Wimbledon of the Middle East. Some say that it is even better. No matter, you have to experience the joys of tennis for yourself. Grab a racket and enjoy a game or two, right now. Every game will feel like nothing you have ever experienced before. That is the promise of tennis in Dubai. Claim your right to that promise now.

Remember, a great game in a great country is what you are in for. With this, there’s just nothing more you can ask for!  Just be sure that the chosen Dubai travel deal is includes playing tennis or other sporting opportunity.