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Dubai Shopping

Dubai is the premiere freeport zone of the United Arab Emirates, and as such bargains can easily be scored by those looking to buy quality items while paying less. The area is as open port with no taxation and minimal import duties, so it is possbile to get excellent rates on even imported items. Given below are some of the hotspots that prospective bargain hunters will definitely want to explore.

Dubai International Airport - the airport itself has numerous duty free shops that actually offers most items at a cheaper rate than some of the surrounding shopping centers. It also features a 5-star hotel, sports facilities and health spas. The ambiance of the airport is more like a hotel and shopping center than an actual airport. This is one of the best places to do your browsing first; by comparing prices once you leave the airport with wares being sold outside, you can then save your last minute bargain shopping for your flight out - assuming, of course, that other bargain hunters haven't beaten you to your prize by the time you're leaving...

Al Ghurair Centre - This was Dubai's first established shopping center, and offers one of the widest varieties of international products including clothes, jewelry, diamond, watches, lingerie, handbags, shoes, furniture... Prices range from the medium to high end scale, so hunters for exotic items would be better advised to do their hunting somewhere else. However, for purchasing international products like brand name and designer goods, confectionaries, toys and hardware, this is the best place to do your looking.

Al Dhiyafa Road - this entire street is lined with upscale boutiques, restaurants, clubs and cafes. One of the more urbanized places to go, shopping here can be quite pleasant and relaxing. Moving from shop to shop isn't really a chore in this place since the cafes offer tourists plenty of places to just sit and unwind when they get a bit winded.

Al Sabkha Souk - this is the place to go for electronic junkies. The bywords in this place are Cheap and Reliable. If you like electronic gizmos in any form, wether iPods, cellular telephones, computers, video gaming machines and whatever else you fancy, this place will likely have it, as well as components and accessories for whatever you're looking for. If any electronic equipment you have during your stay also breaks down, this is a good place to take it for repairs. Like with any good electronics shopping area, you can even bargain with the owners of the various stalls and shops for trade-ins and upgrades for your current toys.

The Souks - the Souks of Deira, Old Souk, and Gold Souk are three places to go for specialty bargain hunters. Definitely not for the faint of heart and the urbanized however, these places are best suited for those who know how to talk a used car salesman out of business. Deira Souk specializes in rare spices, Old Souk in exotic textiles, and the Gold Souk in rare minerals, gems, diamond necklace. Canny bargain hunters can actually obtain quite a bit in these places and make a hefty profit reselling their wares once they get back abroad.

Hamarian Centre - just recently opened, this new mall features many shops and restaurants that rival the rest of the offerings in Dubai's other mall centres. However, it also makes a point of specializing in antiques and local handicrafts, and the ambiance places emhasis on the elegant, with fountains and statuary. While not quite as cheap for the bargain hunter as going to the more traditional Souks for antiques and such, buyers at least can be assured that the wares sold here are authentic, and the less experienced bargain shoppers can do their souvenir scouting here in much greater comfort.


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