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Dubai Shoes

Dubai is a huge metropolis, located in the Middle-East and being world famous for its luxurious lifestyle, housing the highest quality resorts, residential building, entertaining centres and shopping malls. The business and trading is what made Dubai to be as great as today and Dubai is very happy it could bring the best brands in the world for all its locals, who can enjoy such a variety of first class goods, which you do not have the chance to see in any other city in the world. In case we focus on high quality items, fashion pieces absolutely stand out being one of the most profitable trading segments in Dubai, next to hospitality and jewellery trading businesses. The segment within the fashion industry that stands out being the most profitable is the trading segment of quality leather goods, most importantly shoes and handbags. Let us look at the best places where you can buy the best brands of quality shoes in Dubai.

Of course, when you arrive in Dubai, you would like to start your shopping tour for shoes all the fastest. There are several ways for you to make a great shopping tour in this metropolis. If you are alone and you are a female, we offer you to enrol in one of the successful Shopping tours in Dubai. You can enrol in such tours in the reception of every downtown hotel in Dubai. Shopping tours go multiple times a day and it is the best way for a tourist, especially when she is lonely, to get to know the best shopping places in Dubai.

In case you would like to explore the city alone for buying shoes, then the best way for you to go is along the Dubai Metro, which basically takes you around the whole city the most effortlessly. For buying the best quality shoes in Dubai, the best place to start is of course the huge Dubai Mall, which is packed with all the high profile stores and literally takes days to explore. In case you prefer the smaller, friendlier shopping places, look around in the Karama area, which is a great shopping area in Dubai and browse among the huge collection of shoes of Deira City Centre or Bur Juman Shopping Malls. Being one of the newest and most luxurious shopping malls in downtown Dubai, Bur Juman is an outstanding shopping mall especially famous for housing the very first Saks Fifth Avenue that has been set up outside of North America. It is notable to say, that Dubai represents the very first time these two national malls have decided to setup their department stores in a different country. Saks houses the best international brands of shoes all over the world. While not being cheap, if you want quality and unique shoes, Saks is the place for you.

In the downtown of Dubai, there are lots of smaller shopping malls and shopping streets, especially around the Mall of the Emirates, where you can get to see some of the best brand stores.

In case you stay in the Jumeirah area, the best choice for you is to visit the Marina Mall inside Dubai Marina and the Walk , a great shopping street located within Jumeirah Beach Residence, an elite residential place which also houses several hotels.

As you can see, when it comes to buying high quality shoes in Dubai the choice is close to never-ending for you. Dubai is world famous for housing the finest assortment of luxury goods and in case you do not have the financial resources to buy shoes at Balenciaga, you still find the best shops, where you get high profile brands of shoes for great prices.