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Dubai Palm Islands

There are three man made islands being constructed just off the shore of Dubai that have recently been dubbed the Eight Wonder of The World by it's supporters. These three islands are collectively known as the Palm Islands of Dubai (The Palms for short), and are to this day the largest man made islands ever produced.

Their name comes not from the fact that they are heavily populated by palm trees, but from the fact that these three islands are all being constructed in the shape of palm trees, with the leaf area of the islands forming breakwaters for the rest of the island.

The Palms are being handled by Al Nakheel Properties, and the project itself began back in 2002. Currently, the estimated goal of the islands is to increase the coverage of the United Arab Emirates shoreline by 72 miles. The entire area of the Palms are going to de dedicated to luxurious residential areas, with condomunium units, houses, and hotels.

Little planning for the Palm Islands are being diverted into any industrial sites, as the main target of the palms is to provide a comfortable and entertaining home base of sorts for Dubai's already considerable tourist crowd. Two of the Palms are already mostly finished, with the third uderway, and the two that are mostly complete are classified as Resort Islands.

The two resort islands are named Jumeirah and Jebel Ali, and each are estimated upon completion to hold more than 60 luxury hotels for tourists, as well as having 4000 residential villas, 1000 water homes, and 5000 shoreline apartments, all of which are currently up for sale to both local and foreign buyers. There are also plans for marinas, theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, and sports facilities for the recreation of both tourists and the Palm's residents.

The Jumeirah Palm is designed primarily as a relaxing retreat for it's residents. The atmosphere of the place is laid back, and is intended for those people who want to just unwind without much in the way of excitement. There are plenty of spas, health clubs, golf areas, and boutiques on the island to support this sedentary theme. It is an ideal place for those just wanting to get away from it all, as well as a good place to go for retired senior citizens who want to quietly enjoy the fruits of their labors.

The Palm Jebel Ali, of the other hand, seems to cater to a younger crowd. It's atmosphere is far more vibrant and exciting, with theme parks, waterways, and even plans for possible indoor surfing areas. The shopping mall designs are more urbanized, as well as dance clubs and music bars. Overall, most tourists will probably flock to this location. Due to this, the Jebel Ali is roughly 50% larger in size than the Jumeirah and will feature a larger number of hotels.

Lastly, the third island undergoing construction is called Palm Deira. It is estimated to be the largest of the three islands upon completion, though it was started later than the others in 2004. The Deira is a balance between the other two islands in atmosphere, being intended primarily as a residential area that caters to people of all ages and interests. While still an area that will cater to tourists, it's primary purpose is as a residiential district, with a few industrial sites included.

Sales for the properties on the Dubai Islands are done on a freehold basis, which entitles expatriates and nationals the opportunity to lease, rent, or own their property on the Palms, as well as to lease out and/or resell them at their discretion.