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Dubai Marriage

Dubai, being a modern yet romantic city offers a great chance for couples to have their marriage and honeymoon all on one really unforgettable by organizing a real Dubai wedding. There are, however, some key points to do, if you want your Dubai wedding and marriage plans to work out the best.

Dubai wedding gives you really the change to have the perfect and unforgettable beginning of your marriage. In case you are a tourist arriving in Dubai just for the wedding and the honeymoon, you need to do some basic steps so that everything would go fine and you do not need to spend time waiting.

1. The official procedures:
Being a tourist arriving in Dubai only to have the perfect Dubai wedding organized for you, you will need to follow the basic marriage procedures of the United Arab Emirates. Of course, your first point of contact should be your embassy. Please contact your embassy well in advance, in order to avoid any delays or misinformation. In case you are in a country where there is an embassy of the United Arab Emirates, please contact them as well, especially if you also will need a Tourist Visa in order to be able to travel in the country. As per UAE marriage laws, both you and your partner will need to go through a basic medical check in order to get the permission to marry in Dubai. You will need to go to the Dubai Ministry of Health in order to gain more information from them. You can find all the official contact information of the ministry on the governmental website of Dubai. Tourists are treated very well in Dubai, so you do not need to worry about waiting for a long time.

Here is the basic list of things you will need in order to have a Dubai wedding ceremony:
Pre-marital medical clearance certificate
Copies of passport ( can also be done at most embassies)
Bring at least 4 Passport photos with you

2. Organizing your Dubai wedding
In Dubai, there are some of the most beautiful luxury places in the world, all of which more than eager to welcome and organize the perfect and unforgettable Dubai Wedding for you. Starting our exploration let us first offer you some of the best hotels on the Jumeirah Beach:

In the heart of Jumeirah Beach, you will find the best tourist and holiday places for you. The enormous luxury hotel, the Jumeirah Beach, with the huge Madinat Jumeirah complex, which built in authentic medieval Arabic style mixing old style Arabic with the modern luxury, all what a hotel can offer, with a great Bazaar and blue lagoons all around, Madinat Jumeirah, is a must-see place for everyone going to Dubai. Its several hotels: Al Qasr, Mina A Salaam are more than ready to assist you, providing so many picturesque sites for your big day that you wont stop wondering around. Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach is one of the best-suggested site and area for making a perfect Dubai wedding dream to come true.

Of course, the suggested places are our choices. You need to have a small sightseeing in Dubai in order to find the best place for you, to make your dream Dubai wedding to come true. And what else can be the best beginning of a great marriage than a perfect honeymoon in Dubai. In case you are looking for private villas, do not hesitate to look up Malakiya villas of Madinat Jumeirah and the Beit Al Bahar Villas of Jumeirah Beach hotel.