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Dubai Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the more familiar past times that most people spend their time on, both for the love of the sport and breeding of horses and steeds, and at the same time making friendly wagers on the side to add spice towards finding out who the best of the best breeders really are. This sport is widely famous all over the world, practically existent in most countries as its premier past time, pinpointing various names in this equestrian sport which traces its roots from the Roman Empire chariot races. Today, jockeys ride the best thoroughbreds, a race to the finish of who is the fastest and the best among the best.

Dubai tracks that these well-bred horses perform their races are varied and in most cases, it also entails a game of tactic and wits. Not is it only looked forward to by most people, it is simply something that cannot be foregone by most enthusiasts. Fact of the matter is a lot of the financially able go to the extent of even investing and ensuring that their well kept stables are given the proper care so that they may keep their level of horse care to the finest and ready at all times when significant and monumental races are scheduled. Adding some spice to the races are obstacles and the course design. This alone makes the race a whole lot more exciting since it is not only speed that is emphasized but other factors such as maneuvers and tactics. There are two types of tracks that are used for such events, the dirt track which has three chutes and a turf track which is laid with United States grass. Come winter time, these tracks are laid with rye to add more cushion and color to them.

In Dubai, horse races have their own share of moment of glory and a number of followers. A prestigious tournament that is participated in by leading breeders situated in Dubai, followers religiously follow these activities and devote a large part of their time to see the festivities. Among the races, the most famous is perhaps the Dubai Cup, known to be one of the richest events in Dubai horse racing. This meet is held annually and is fully supported by the UAE Derby and the Dubai Kahayla Classic.

To most people, no one would ever wonder how such a recreational activity can draw much attention, moreover from Dubai itself, a known recourse for most work seeking individuals. It was never hyped to be one of the tourist attraction spots, and anyone would be surprised to find at the various marvels as far as tourist attraction sites and recreational activities that are actually going on here. Similar to that of other countries, horse racing is among the fondest sport and leisure activities that most locals look forward to, most especially in times where such events as the Dubai Cup, the acknowledged riches horse racing event is concerned. For both the local and visiting thoroughbred enthusiasts, such an event truly means more than simply speed and tactics, but analyzing the best bred horse to get through obstacles and reach the finish line.