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Furniture Shopping

There are many people who are just to move to Dubai and have doubts on how hard is furniture shopping in this city, if there is any variety of furniture stores or they must get prepared to ship their own furniture along with them, of course only when it comes to long-term moving. Luckily Dubai furniture shopping is not hard at all, there are lots of possibilities for getting either cheap, second hand, international or luxury furniture if we know where to look for them.

So, where can we find quality furniture stores in Dubai?
1.) The shopping malls
If you are to look around the shopping malls be prepared to pay also slightly or a lot more for the furniture you are to buy. As we know Dubai shopping malls are expensive everywhere especially when it comes to larger international brands such as Bo Concept or the Italian brands which are famous worldwide. These stores offer a limited variety of goods mainly as they donít want to ship and pay more for the storage. This means the transportation costs are either already implemented in the price or that you need to pay an additional fee for it. The best furniture shopping mall is the Mall of the Emirates which is without doubt the best for looking around, including not only the highest rated furniture stores but also down-to-Earth stores too with good quality yet low prices. The area of the Mall of the Emirates is also rich in furniture stores, such as the Pan Emirates which is really worth buying.

2.) Dragonmart
There are more and more who say that the Dragonmart is a very competitive ground when it comes to the shopping of cheap furniture. The Dragonmart can be found in the Dubai International City not far from Deira and its really worth a visit not only for furniture but also for textiles such as curtains and furniture textiles.

3.) Karama district
Karama district is the Indian / Pakistani district of Dubai which is long time famous for its cheap priced furniture stores is still famous when it comes to furniture quest as it has several markets offering all sorts of furniture to the public some of which are even slightly used yet in good shape. Please note that the smaller stores of Karama are getting pretty expensive.

4.) Home Center / Homes R Us / IKEA
These are the most important furniture chains of Dubai and the best places when it comes to quick furniture buying. Their furniture looks ok its good yet not extreme quality and they sell all sorts of furniture in one place which means that you are able to furnish your new flat within a day. You can find their shops all around the downtown of Dubai and they are pretty fashionable as well. Home Centre has stores all over the Middle East and Northern Africa too.

When it comes to furniture shopping within the shortest possible time, then try visiting some or all of these places to find the best possibilities on shopping furniture in Dubai.