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Dubai Guide

Dubai, being one of the seven lovely emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is one good spot worth visiting. It is also a hub of people because it is one of the most populated regions in the United Arab Emirates.

In essence, the city is innovation at its very finest. Other Emirates are dependent on oil reserves for their revenue, but these days, Dubai has been getting much hype and income from tourist attractions brought about by their massive infrastructures, real estates, breaking of Guinness records and sports-related activities. Indeed, they have somehow broken out of the rigid molds of the reserved reputation of the region that they belong in.

In the field of archaeology, Dubai has also contributed much historically and esthetically. The names Al Soufuh and Al Quasis constitute a myriad of settlements that are often viewed as a worldwide historical asset and a physical sight to behold. Much of these sightings are consolidated in the Dubai museum for easier access, to the massive delight of archaeology experts and aficionados worldwide. Dubai museum used to be called Al Fahidi Fort. It used to be a prison and garrison. But now it hosts an array of pearls, pottery and metal materials from the past.

One of the prestigious sites, which is considered as Dubai's heritage, is the Burj Nahar. The thick and renovated watchtower serves as a marker of Dubai's history and tourists who visit Dubai usually take pictures and pay homage to this watchtower. This is ideal to visit during summer so that you can see it in its full glory.

Dubai also provides with the liberty and luxury of watching sea activity by means of balconies situated by the sea. One such restaurant is Sheikh Saeed's House. It used to be exclusive for royal families only in the earlier centuries. There are also luxury homes being built for this purpose such as Dubai Palm Islands. What used to be something romantic that can only be seen in the movies is now made possible by means of these recent developments.

Being a Muslim-dominated country, it will also be worthwhile to visit the mosques that are popular and many in Dubai. There are over 200 mosques to choose from. However, this option is only open for Muslim tourists, except the Jumeirah Mosque. It is an unspoken imperative to dress appropriately if you intend to visit any of these sanctuaries. You can even maximize your own visiting experience as a non-Muslim by viewing the architectural structure of the mosques from afar, especially during nighttime.

Sports activities are also unique and refreshing in Dubai. The city has great water parks like Wild Wadi and Aquaventure. And who loves racing, there are  horse racing and camel racing. You can usually witness this at the Nad Al Sheba in the months of November up to April.

Another fabulous activity to try is desert safaris by riding and bashing the dunes of the desert sand by means of a bumpy drive. This would require assistance of someone who has had ample desert driving experience because it is dangerous for first-timers. There are also existing tracks to follow and deviating from them can pose greater risk on your life.

While Dubai also has other establishments built especially for tourists such as malls and centers, it is still best for tourists to make the most of their stay there by veering away from the typical tourist attractions and proceeding to view the exotic finds in the mystical allure that is imminent in Dubai.