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Shattaf Jewellers was one of the first retail jewellery ever established in the developing Dubai in 1974. The brand also belongs to those few which, thanks to their great quality and relentless pace, could survive on the ever growing Dubai diamond jewellery market. Shattaf is still among the top ranked Dubai diamond jewellery brands and you will see how much its collection offers when you visit one of its many shops in Dubai.

Shattaf Jewellers was born out of necessity. In 1974, Dubai just started to grow, thanks to the newly found oil springs in its area. The city and the international life was just turning their attention to Dubai, the soon to be biggest and shiniest city of the Middle East, which was just waking up. Oil was first founded in its area in the sixties while the emirate was still under construction belonging to the British Empire. The British pulled out of Dubai in 1971 as a result of their Empire falling into pieces, and from that year, Dubai was just starting to get rebuilt and reconstructed with the leading sheikh Al Maktoum whose family is still the one that leads Dubai. The Al Maktoum family’s every member had never-ending ambitions and this is what made Dubai so outstanding in so many ways, out of which Dubai’s main role in the international jewellery market is just one of the many. As you can see the time when Shattaf Jewellers first opened its doors to the public as one of the very first big jewelleries of the city, it was really in the era of awakening and the large constructions.

Al Shattaf had always offered the very best diamond jewellery together with quality gold and gemstones to the members of the royal families of Dubai and for those businessmen’s wives, daughters and other female relatives who took part in the reconstruction of Dubai. They did this to bring it to the top where it stays ever since. Of course, Shattaf’s one main source of business was the weddings already at that time. Shattaf’s beautiful creations are excellent for this special occasions and their website doesn’t say much the dozen shops of Shattaf Jewellers which you can find in the Gold Souk of Dubai (multiple stores here), in large shopping malls such as its showrooms in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Dubai Festival City and the newest one in the Mirdif City Centre speak for themselves.

Next to quality, diamond jewellery Shattaf also offers high quality white, yellow, red or rose gold jewellery collections, beautiful diamond necklace sets. Shattaf is proud to provide Dubai clients with the widest range of international collections coming from Thailand, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Malaysia. This results in beautifully diverse collections at Shattaf Jewellers. Here, you can really enjoy the widest variety from Asian to European trends and also you can get to see some of the most beautifully schiselled jewellery pieces including diamond rings.

Shattaf is still one of the most distinguished jeweller when it comes to the highest quality Dubai diamond jewellery trading. There aren’t many trends and outlooks of jewellery that you wouldn’t be able to find in Dubai’s Shattaf jewellers. If you want to learn the most about Dubai diamond jewelry, then Shattaf Jewellers should be among the first stores you visit.