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Dubai Attractions

Dubai is a city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has a total area of 3,885 square kilometers. It used to be a fishing village, but because the city was forward looking, liberal and has an eye for commercialism it did not take long for it to become popular among traders and tourists. However, no matter how many foreigners enter the city of Dubai it still keeps its tradition and culture, thus making it even more attractive to those who seek to explore the exotic Middle East. Language is never a barrier in Dubai because even if Arabic is its official language most people can understand English. There are many world class Dubai attractions including historic, and modern too.

As of the moment, one of the most popular Dubai attractions is the sail-shaped hotel Burj Al Arab Hotel where every guest is treated as a royalty worthy of red carpet treatment. It boasts fine interiors designed by world-class designers, rotating king-sized bed that allows the guest to have a 360 degrees view of the environment outside the hotel and of course, the A-list guests that have visited the hotel since it opened. It is said that Michael Jackson once stayed in the hotel's $9,000-a-night luxury suite. Whether you plan on staying in the hotel or not, it is worth the time and effort to drop by and see its grand architecture, another luxury hotel is the Dubai Underwater Hotel, which is built under the sea.

If you want to experience Dubai outdoors through sports you would never be dismayed from the wide range it offers. Golfers can practice their swings on the city's championship-standard golf courses or just use a state-of-the-art video swing analysis. Since water hugs the shores of Dubai, it is no wonder why water sports such as sailing, fishing and scuba diving are very popular in this city, also the most popular water parks, Wild Wadi and Aquaventure are open all year long. Dubai is also surrounded with sands; sand skiing and camel racing are also popular, especially with the younger tourists who likes adventure.

Another very popular Dubai attraction is the city's skiing facility and ice skating rinks. Yes, the desert has actually two ice skating rinks located in Hyatt Regency Galleria and Al Nasr Leisureland.

Famous places in Dubai are the Palm Islands and The Dubai World islands. These are unique artificial islands made by human.

For those who want to experience the not-so usual travel attraction, it is best to visit a mosque. Jumeirah is the largest mosque in Dubai. Prior booking is needed to roam Jumeirah every Thursday morning. The tour is supported by the community to promote better understanding of the Islamic culture and bring down cultural barriers. As a form of respect, female visitors need to cover themselves and the males need to wear trousers. Also, do not ever forget to take of your shoes before entering the mosque.

Finally, any visit to another country would never be complete without going to the bazaar. Many Dubai travel deals include this opportunity to visit the bazaars. Once you visit Dubai, you will sure do some buying. The best way to experience Dubai shopping is by going to the open-air fairs where spices, food, carpets, hookahs, gold and textiles are sold by the locals. After visiting the open-air fairs, then you can go to the modernized and centralized shopping centers that houses international brands. For the shopping crazy, it is advisable to tour Dubai during the great shopping period held once a year for elated adrenaline shopping rush and more items to stuck in the luggage bag to be brought home.