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Aquaventure Dubai

The Palm Island, Jumeirah is one of the most fascinating creations in Dubai. This lush island is home to Atlantis The Palm hotel. Considered to be amongst the most luxurious hotels in this city it offers a wide variety of relaxation and recreation for its guests. Aquaventure is the hotelís own water theme park. Surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, the Aquaventure Dubai looks like a flourishing oasis with palm trees and water bodies dotting the 42 acres of the Palm Island. With over 2 kilometers of waterscape, the park uses 11.5 million liters of water for the rides. Guests staying at the Atlantis The Palm hotel are allowed free and unlimited access to Aquaventure. For those who are not very confident in the water, flotation jackets are provided.

The rides at Aquaventure Dubai include water slides, River Rides, rides for kids, as well as the Aquaventure Beach. Water slides is a collection of over 7 rides originating from the various levels of the Ziggurat. It includes Leap of Faith, The Plunge, Shark Attack, Shamal, The Surge, Stinger, Falls and The Conveyor. The slides, Master Blasters and water coasters carry guests through thrilling experiences like plunging them into dark tunnels and lagoons infested with 5 species of sharks. Adults and children too can enjoy the twisting, turning and catapulting rides offered by the water slides of this Dubai water park.

Guests can experience waves with the River Rides at Aquaventure Dubai. For adventure seekers, the Rapids is the perfect place to test their limits. Riders will be subject to the strength of the white water as they twist and turn through caverns along the river. The Torrent River is yet another River Ride which takes guests on a 600 meter course of a river. Waves of 1 m take riders along a beautiful riverside area. River rides allows guests the luxury of relaxation, move along graceful rivers and pretty beaches as well as experience crazy rides at the same time.

Since Aquaventure Dubai has age restrictions for many of its rides, this water park has a play area exclusive for children. Parents and children can enjoy quality time at the Splashers Play Area. Tots below the height of 1.2 meters can splash around in this water playground. The Water Playground has water slides which are made even more exciting as children use rope bridges and climbing frames to reach the top. The play area also has tipping buckets which spin around and release a large amount of water. To top it all, children can wage water-wars with water jets and cannons.

The theme park also has an educational trip for children. Held under supervision, kids get to learn fascinating facts about marine life. The Aquaventure Beach rests on the private beach of the water park. Guests of Aquaventure as well as Dolphin Bay can make use of this area to enjoy the sun under the shade of the magnificent palm trees. Aquaventure Dubai is in short, the very place for families as well as for those seeking unlimited adventure.