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Dubai loves jewellery, watches all glitz and glamour and simply the shining of gemstones and flashing of price tags so itís all natural that if you want to have the best watches in the world, you will need to go to Dubai to find the all in once place. Dubai is known for wanting to be the biggest and the best when it comes to luxury so it took care of having the biggest and best jewellery shops where you can find an amazing variety of all the biggest brands of watches and jewellery in one place.

In the world of watches, Dubai is having a leading role. Thanks to its regulations, every single international brand can only enter and get sold in Dubai if they are with the cooperation of a Dubai jewellery brand. Therefore, the best brands of watches are under different Dubai brands, which are either specialised on watches or which are originally jewellery stores which also sell watches. The Damas Jewellery for example has control of over twenty different international brands of high profile watches manufacturers. The Rivoli Group comes right after than taking care of also about twenty if not more watches from the biggest brands such as Jaeger Le Coultre or Tag Heuer. The pioneer of high profile watch selling was the Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons which has the control of over thirty brands and which could also successfully maintain such a good business relation with some of the watch making brands that they have jointly designed limited edition watches sold only by Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons. This is very unique. Seddiqi has control over the best brands such as Piaget or Patek Philippe and it controlling also the designer watches that come from Chanel, Hermes.

The two biggest international jewellery houses, with equally famous watches collections, include Cartier and Chopard. With Chopard originally started off as a watchmaker yet later got in the limelight as an haute couture jewellery maker Chopard is today the biggest when it comes to exclusive watches. Cartier has an incredibly huge watches collection with such pioneering pieces as the Tank that shaped the watch making industry in the beginning of the 20th century to the highest level jewellery watches which are also called secret or mystery watches as their watch function is hidden under a beautiful bracelet. These two well-known jewellery houses are probably the most famous and the most important when we talk about the beauty of high-class exclusive jewellery watches. In Dubai, you can find both these houses in the Dubai Mall. Shopping in these stores will be not cheap, But if you go shopping and want to find a really worthy piece which you will keep and wear for a long time, then its really rewarding to buy quality. More popular watch brands you can buy in Dubai are Omega, Rolex, Tissot, Casio, Rado...

Beautiful and luxurious watch collections are great and represent extreme variety. In Dubai the price of watches, even the first class ones is definitely lower. However, do not forget about the tax you pay if you step in your country and may need to pay a tax right there.